Friday, February 23, 2007

Good Morning Sunshines

We went to my parents' house last weekend, and I took the flowers that Steve gave me for Valentine's Day because I was afraid I'd come back to see that they had all opened, reached their prime, and wilted. I didn't want to miss the show. He even remembered that I love star-gazer lilies!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Steaks, Basketball & Laundry

That pretty much sums up our Valentine's Day. Steve sent me flowers at work, which was really sweet. I'll post a pic when they decide to open up. After work, we made our first attempt at grilling steaks, and it went surprisingly well. I think we lucked out and got some good pieces of meat, though. (Mom and Dad got a good cow this year :)) After dinner, we relaxed on the couch, toggled between a couple of basketball games and folded laundry. Later we had some strawberry shortcake. (I finally used the egg whites, and I assume they were OK because neither of us got sick.)

Doesn't seem like a very festive Valentine's Day, but you know what? It was perfect. That's kind of how we are, though. We don't have to be doing anything exciting to enjoy being together. I like that.