Wednesday, October 31, 2012


In October Steve and I got iPhones, which was also our first smart phones. Also, our first Instagram accounts, which means most of the photos I have of my children now are fuzzy and filtered. Ha. That photo up there of the girls and me was the first thing I uploaded to Instagram. 

Another shot of our built-in and one weekend I got a wild hair (thanks to some nudging from Stacy) and painted a wall in the living room peacock blue. I love it.

Sophie really got into chalk drawings and I wanted to keep her Rapunzel and mermaid drawings forever. They're super cute.

 The girls at the pumpkin patch, on the Tumblebus (a bus equipped with lots of gymnastics gear) and Ivy sniffing marshmallows at the grocery store. They're her favorite things ever.

 Halloween carnival at the elementary school! This year we had Ariel, Snow White, and a zebra. The color spray we used on the girls' hair was so hard to get out. Steve washed their hair at least a half dozen times. Yay for him!

After Ivy returned from trick or treating, she pulled a Twinkie out of her bag and, in all seriousness, demanded to know what it was. It was a proud parenting moment, I have to say.

Mimi tried her best to get some candy open. Little did we know baby saliva opens candy wrappers pretty easily.