Friday, November 19, 2010


Comments are working again. Thanks Sare, for the heads up!

Proceed with leaving me little notes. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


First I'd like to make a pledge to you that I will not become one of those bloggers who goes private and then posts maybe three times a year. (Yes, I'm looking at you!) I really do have a good excuse.

We've been on the road for almost a week. We've seen sequoias, stayed in three different hotels (with wi-fi . . . I love technology), attended a wedding, survived Disneyland, and now Steve's on his fourth office visit and we're doing our best to stay sane. Sophie's managing by running in and out of the balcony of our room singing about boogers. To each their own. At least she's not whining at me.

I had these pictures from before we left that I wanted to post. One afternoon I let them watch a movie and went upstairs to get a few things done (and secretly hoped that they'd both fall asleep -- which rarely happens). I came down to check on them and found this . . .

Facing away from the TV. Upon further inspection . . .

Ah-ha. That explains the dried bits of saliva all over Ivy's pillow.