Monday, August 20, 2007

A Smashing Weekend

The Window

The day after we got to Idaho I went out to the car to grab some stuff and saw this lovely sight:

My brother came up behind me and goes, "Oh, that's what that sound was." He was weed-whacking and something flew out from under the guard and hit the window. Every inch of the glass was shattered. Weird. Luckily we got it fixed on Saturday morning.

The Wedding

My brother got married on Friday. The temple ceremony was beautiful, and of course, our whole family was in tears. I think Devin cried more than Andrea. That's good, I think. It's probably good to have at least one person in the relationship who has semi-control of their emotions.

It was pretty hot outside when they came out and Sophie had just about had it. I don't think she liked the heat very much.

That night my parents had planned to have an open house in their backyard from 7 til 9. My mom had the decorators come and set everything up and it looked really nice -- for about an hour. Two hours before the open house started, the "storm from hell", as my mom called it, ripped through the hillside and soaked everything on the deck and the lower patio. Seriously, though, this was the worst rain & wind storm they've seen in a few years. I heard that it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day. It sprinkled on mine and Steve's, but is there such thing as too much luck?

We ran outside and pushed the chairs under the deck, covered them with a tarp and hoped that it would just blow over. Well, it did, but not entirely. It was about 6:15 and although things looked significantly better outside, it was still drizzling and the wind was blowing hard enough to make things uncomfortable. So we decided to pull the whole thing in the house. Devin and Andrea were pretty much in la-la land the entire time, so they didn't care either way. My mom, however, was bordering a nervous breakdown.

Things turned out really nicely. And as usual, I didn't take any pictures. No one really had time to because of all of the commotion and the flood of people who began to arrive. It's a shame though. The basement looked really pretty and Sophie had on the cutest little pink and brown outfit that I have ever seen. I'll put it back on her for the reception in Denver and be sure to post a pic. You'll love it.

The Birthdays

Oh yeah, and Friday was my birthday. Big, fat 27. Not just mine, but mine and my Grandma Phillips's. And Steve's was on Sunday. One of the sheet cakes my mom ordered for the reception turned into our birthday cake. Yum. Nope, didn't get a picture of that, either. I'll have to snag a few when the pictures from the photographer come back.

Here's a really cute pic of my baby, though. :) I think she was relieved when all of the wedding hubbub was over, too.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Working Girls

My old boss called me last weekend asked if I wanted to come back and work part-time for a couple of weeks. He said I could bring Sophie and have my own little office, so how could I turn that down?

Well, when I came in my first day I got a pile of projects that were each "top priority" and wasn't sure what do to first. It surprised me, but I'm not sure why. That's how the last 2 years were, and I suppose it hasn't changed any. On the up side, it has been really fun being back with everyone, and Sophie's been a good little trooper. She doesn't mind kicking around on the floor, which is good, because she's spent most of the day there lately.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Photo of the Weekend

We went up to Idaho Falls over the weekend for one of my best friend's baby blessings. As usual, the camera patrol (my family) is a lot more diligent at taking pictures than we have been lately. This is our favorite picture by far:

The weekend was really fun :) And on a side note, Sophie slept a record SEVEN hours the last night we were there!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Pe-e-e-r-r-r-y's

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like as a Simpson? Steve and I love the Simpsons, so naturally we would get a kick out of this.