Thursday, August 09, 2007

Working Girls

My old boss called me last weekend asked if I wanted to come back and work part-time for a couple of weeks. He said I could bring Sophie and have my own little office, so how could I turn that down?

Well, when I came in my first day I got a pile of projects that were each "top priority" and wasn't sure what do to first. It surprised me, but I'm not sure why. That's how the last 2 years were, and I suppose it hasn't changed any. On the up side, it has been really fun being back with everyone, and Sophie's been a good little trooper. She doesn't mind kicking around on the floor, which is good, because she's spent most of the day there lately.


Mary said...

I was wondering why your google chat thing said "back at work." I hope that's been fun for ya. :)

Chelsea said... should get a little pack n play and expense it to J&E :)

It could be 'for emergencies' when Mar needs to bring in Jack or when someone else has to get work done, etc.

Beth Schellhous said...

How great that Sophie will just sit on the floor and play by herself. Lareine would never/still never do that. She needs to be with people and constantly entertained. Good luck with work. It's nice to have a few projects to accomplish now and then.