Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selective Sponge

I was driving up to Salt Lake on Saturday, and I heard Paula Abdul's "Forever Your Girl" on the radio. I was an avid Paula Abdul fan in my pre-pubescent years, so I began to sing along. (Of course I was alone!) Much to my surprise, I knew virtually every word of the entire song, and it had probably been 15 years since I had heard it last.

What else is stored in the depths of my memory? Why can't I recall things I learned in school, scriptures I had memorized, or that I had Steve's keys in my purse all day yesterday? (Luckily he didn't have to work.) Then I thought that music may have had something to do with the adhesiveness of lyrics, but after singing hymns and primary songs most of my life, there aren't very many songs that I know every verse of. I was suddenly glad that I hadn't listened to a whole lot of dirty music as a teen.

I got to thinking about raising kids (big surprise, eh?) and how in the world we were going to protect them from all the junk in the world today. I don't want my kids to hear a song in 25 years and regret that they know every word.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fat Pants Forever

Not only am I suppressing computer nerd tendencies, I've recently been converted to elastic waistbands. That doesn't help my case at all. Luckily I can get away with this while I'm pregnant. I just hope it doesn't carry on for too long afterwards. I'm only about 11 weeks along, but my abdomen seems to think otherwise. I blame indigestion and not my 1.3 in-long fetus. Anyhow, I was faced with four options in deciding how to clothe my bottom half:

1. Keep wearing the 3 pairs of pre-prego pants that I can (sorta) fit into and use the "rubberband trick" when necessary.
This still works. But rotating 3 pairs of pants can be very boring.

2. Buy normal pants in bigger sizes so that I can wear them for two months before growing out of them.
Uh, no. I have a hard enough time finding pants I like as it is, and the ones I do like are most often expensive. I'm not forking over $50-$70 on a pair of pants that i'll wear for a couple of months and perhaps for another month later on.

3. Wear my cotton gauchos. All the time.
I love them. I put them on as soon as I get home from work and stay in them until I go to bed or have to go out in public. I would love to wear them all the time, but one look at my backside convinces me very strongly otherwise. Plus, I think Steve would tease me more. I get the feeling that he thinks they're silly.

4. Buy (and start wearing) maternity pants.
Since I love shopping, I'd already started looking around for (and buying) stuff to wear. I have maternity pants in my closet that I had planned on pulling out around Christmastime.

My pride told me that I shouldn't be wearing maternity pants this early unless I was pregnant with triplets. I swallowed it one Saturday and put a pair on. I couldn't help but notice how comfortable I was. I began wearing them to work, and right now I'm sitting here in a pair of army green maternity khakis. My favorite part was that after a lunch at Parker's, I don't have the need to undo my top button.