Tuesday, January 01, 2013


little one is just a teensy bit loved. Can you tell?

Cold days = art time! If you mix shaving cream and Elmer's glue you can use it as paint. It dries all puffy. We call it snow paint. The kids go nuts for it.

We also made some homemade play doh, and I FINALLY finished Mimi's mobile. It was lonely looking in the guest room where her crib is. I love the way it turned out!

Dad uses hot sauce for entertainment.

Both of the girls LOVE to go to Whole Foods. Mostly for the free snack they give out by the front door.

That burger is from Burger Me -- the place we usually go after we attend the temple. It's called the Train Wreck: cheeseburger with chili, a fat onion rings, and a fried egg. (And lettuce and tomato, but duh. Every burger has that.) They give you a fork to help you eat it. Good thing, too, because it's usually too tall to fit in my mouth. Love that thing.

This girl is crawling and getting into everything now. She loves the bookshelves and the recycle paper box. And I was surprised to see Sophie licking the dishwasher, too.

We started doing some of our January traditions. Breaking out the borscht and getting ready for Valentine's Day. I must have some kind of illness because I find myself wanting to do more decorative crafty things. Usually it's not my thing. I love those wreaths, though!

I'm also not one to decorate for every holiday, but the girls are so excited and want to make things festive. So, we do it. And it's fun. :) 

I loved Sophie's how to draw a butterfly tutorial. She's so funny!

This girl never sits still. Not even in the tub.
And I have a feeling she's going to overtake Ivy in a few years. She's strong. And determined.