Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Accio Jacksons!
And Then There Were Five
Can Life Get Better Than This?
Daphne's Here!
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Do You Know Eric Jackson?
The Briscoe Bunch
Life in Our World
Miss Kimi
Miss Mary Contrary
Subtle Coolness
Team Svedin
The Phillips Family
The Secret Life of a Librarian
Woodward's Nut House

Friends made in Cali:
A day to day look at life . . .
Being Ausmus
Burke Blog
Eric and Kelly's Adventures
Fox News
Happily Ever After
Lundell Living
May Tales
My Life with These Guys
Rogers' Neighborhood
Savage Family Updates
Scoresby Scoop
Team Chilton
Tenille and Cory Osborne
The Book of Perin
The Colton Family
The Junsay Monkeys
The Happy Haderlies
The Becks
Wading Around
Webb Sights
Wittlewallie's Weblog

Friends made in Utah:
Baldwin's of "Dino Land"
Happily Ever After
Life After Misery
Merrell Merrell Bo Berrell
Our Happy Bubble
Our Little Family
The Alexander's
The Beckman Blog
The Bourgeois Family
The Addington's
The Fashion of Life
The Geeky Gees
The Piercy Prensa

Friends from home:
FIVE Girls and a Boy
Freak of the Week
Freshly Squeezed
It's All About the Boys
La Familia Gonzalez
Tractors, Trucks, & Four-wheelers
The Pond's
The Arkansas Engers
The Hayward Family
The Oblad Family
The Stoker Gallery
'Til we Kiel over

Friends made everywhere else:
Bags By Melanie
Brad & Becca
Charlie and Sharon
Dancing Mooney
Elegant Snobbery
Jared and Yvonne Hansen Family
Marsh Mayhem
Reid and Erin
The Gehmlich Family


Anonymous said...


Hi. I don't know if you remember me. I am a friend of Stephen's. Judi gave me your blog address a few months ago and I check it at least weekly. I just wanted you to know that it's so cute and I had no idea how talented you are.

I have to go. More later.

Natalie said...

It might be easier to remember if you tell me what your name is :)

Thanks, by the way!

Marissa said...

Hi natalie. I wanted to see if you got my last note.

Natalie said...

Ya, I did. I do remember you -- thanks for leaving your name this time :)