Sunday, May 06, 2012


Just a few little random pictures from the past month...

 "Look Mom! We're in a tortilla bed!" I love how food-minded my children are.

Did I mention that I have several furry grandchildren? My kids give birth at several times a week. 

Ivy just being her crazy self. I wish she would stay three forever. I love it.

Oh, and this happened. As much as I swore I'd never drive a minivan I'm surprised how much I like it. Like... really like it. The more I drive it, the more I like it.

We wanted to buy a used one, but because of issues with Steve's student loans we couldn't get a loan from the bank. So we ended up leasing a new one. This is the first time we've ever had a brand-new car... or a car payment... or that paranoid feeling that someone will give me a door ding. 

I totally understand why my dad always parks his cars in the boonies.


The Easter bunny was good to us this year. The girls needed something to to outside besides scatter branches and landscape rocks all over the grass. We're trying out this sand/water table thing. So far they've been pretty good about tracking sand in the house and they know to wash their hands when they come in. the problem now is that water ended up filling both sides making a soupy, sandy mess. We're waiting for it to dry out. 

(Mostly because I have zero motivation to clean out that thing. Or do to most things lately.)

Steve's parents came up on Friday and stayed the night, so we did our egg dying on Saturday.

I was super impressed that we didn't end up with dye all over the place!

Oh, and Steve had a weird flu the whole weekend. :( Poor guy. The girls got sick a few days later, but just for a day. I managed to dodge that bullet. 

Thank. Goodness.

Here are the girls in their Easter dresses. They're into matching lately. (And Ivy's into the "bored supermodel look" lately.)

The girls got their annual Easter box from my parents. (They look forward to those every holiday now and can spot a UPS truck several blocks away when we're out running errands.) They love their new dresses and Easter goodies! Thanks Mom & Dad!

Trip to Idaho

Here are the photos from our trip to Idaho in March!

IMG_0932 copy

My pretty little girls :)

IMG_0656 copy

My dad took us up to a sheep farm in Hamer to see the lambs.


(and the puppies wandering around)


Thank goodness Hillie had her camera out that day.


 We took an unexpected ride on the "gut cart" (yes, it's really called that) to gather up some mamas and freshly-born lambs.


I'm pretty sure this is the laziest sheep dog ever.

 IMG_0560 copy

 These two were born not too long ago.

 IMG_0570 copy

We got to see this guy pulled out of his mama. My kids have been asking a lot of questions lately about how our baby is going to come out. Things should be pretty clear now.


Luckily they won't strap me to a dirty cart and take me for a bumpy ride minutes after MY baby comes out. Poor mama sheep.

 IMG_0588 copy

Lambing sheds March 2012 028


 IMG_0565 copy





There was a lot of relaxing at gramma's. 


And getting smooched on.