Thursday, January 12, 2012

Funnies + Ivy's Birthday pics

And here we have some funny quotes (from the past 6 months... literally) and photos from Ivy's 3rd birthday (on Thanksgiving). I'm almost caught up! The quotes start from the most recent and go back until last summer.

Enjoy :)

P.S. If you're on Facebook, then most, if not all of these will sound familiar to you. I basically pasted all of my silly status updates into this post.
11 - November47 
We were at Target the other day and Ivy was walking beside the cart. A lady walked by us and said, "Oh, is she new to walking?" I said, "Uh, no. She's 3." The lady goes, "She just looks like she's having so much fun!" I never thought about it before, but that IS the way she looks when she's walking around. (Especially if she's holding something we're about to buy.)


Since Sophie learned to make her own toast, she's now the resident toast maker for the whole family. My favorite part.... she walks into the room with her hands on her hips, "super hero style" and announces that she just made toast. I love it.

11 - November43
The girls came out of the bathtub last night with towels wrapped around their fronts. Ivy said, "I'm bringing honor." then started humming "Honor to Us All" from Mulan.


I asked my kids (out of the blue) what they were thankful for. Ivy immediately says, "Jesus. I'm tankful fo' Jesus." Me, too, Ivy. Me, too.

11 - November44
(Ivy was going through my "OB office goody bag" and pulled out some prenatal vitamin samples.) Ivy: I want a vitamin.
Me: Those are special vitamins for mommies with babies in their tummies. Do you have a baby in your tummy?
Ivy: No. I have a crepe baby. (The last thing she ate.)


Ivy: "I want to go somewhere fun."
Me: "Where?"
Ivy: "The office."
Me: "Dad's office?"
Ivy: Nods her head with ginormous eyes.


Ivy: "What's in this smoothie?"
Me: (listing off the fruits in the frozen tropical mix) "Strawberries, melon, mango, papaya--"
Ivy: "WHAT? PA-PA-YA?? That's not a word!"


Sometimes Ivy doesn't want to get dressed because she wants to "be wike Taw-zan."

11 - November45

I guess my kids aren't getting dressed today because "kitties don't wear clothes". So if you happen to drop by and see them crawling around the floor in their underwear you'll know why.


Ivy's on a roll lately. Her definition of a date: "When you watch a boring movie."


As I was helping Ivy in the bathroom she goes, "Wow. Dat was da biddest poo of my whole wife."


Made me feel kind of old = My kids pick out a VHS tape from the library to watch, then I have to explain what rewinding is and why it won't start RIGHT NOW.


Our neighborhood pool is closed for the winter, so my kids are out back in their kiddie pool. Naked. Ivy's idea.


The girls got busted for doing something they shouldn't and Ivy says (almost crying), "Dat's why we need to be twiet!"


So, my kids are obsessed with these little Disney character (mostly princess) plastic figurines. They play with them ALL DAY LONG. Last night they were talking about which ones were their favorite...  

Sophie: I like the princesses the best. They're nice.
Ivy: I like Gaston.
Sophie: Gaston isn't very nice.
Ivy: No he's not nice. Bad boys are my favorite.


Ivy: (Hugging a container of sliced cucumbers and peppers) These are my friends. One is Jenny. And one is... Fopsicle.
Me: Popsicle?
Ivy: No, FOP-sicle.


I asked Ivy how many grapes she had left in her cup. Her reply, "Um... wike... fouw tausind."


This morning I sat up in bed and saw Ivy, with her mermaid tail on, "doing yoga" in the hallway outside our bedroom.


IMG_9885Ivy: I waked the pwincesses up wif a woud toooooot.


Conversation I just had... (on the floor after I just tickled her)

Sophie: Did you take a shower this morning? Me: Yes.
Sophie: Then why do you smell like that?
Me: Like what?
Sophie: Yucky yogurt! *giggles*

(For the record, I never had any yogurt that day. I think she was smelling the crusted yogurt on her face.)


Ivy came running out in only a diaper and said with a smirky smile, "Do I wook modest?"


Sophie: "Ivy, zip your mouth!"
Ivy: "No! It doesn't have a zippew!"


Scene: Ivy's sitting at the table having a snack. I'm doing dishes.

Ivy: "Let's talk about ... you get me a drink."
Me: "Do you want me to get you a drink?"
Ivy's eyes get big, eyebrows go up, and she nods.


After lots of chattering and moving things around in their bedroom)
Sophie: "Ivy, I'm a snack lady!"

We go to Costco a lot.


Cutest thing I've seen today: Ivy sitting at the piano with our Tangled songbook singing, "And at yast I see da yiiiiiiight!"

11 - November46

Monday, January 02, 2012

In which we revisit Halloween in January

So, I was digging through my photos last night and realized I never posted these from our trip to Salt Lake.


Yikes, guys. In my defense, this was about the time I started feeling crappy (pregnant) all the time.
10 - October34

If it looks like the kids are trick-or-treating in my grandma's backyard it's because they are. Kind of. We missed the trunk-or-treat down the street, so we decided to do trick-or-treating Easter-style by hiding the candy around the yard and having the kids find them.

 10 - October35
Up there we have a cowboy (Carter), Tinkerbell (Ivy), and a kitty (Lydia).

The kids didn't care that it wasn't REAL trick-or-treating. Sophie was the oldest one of the bunch, and as long as she got candy in her mouth, she was happy.

 10 - October36

Ivy, too.


Trick-or-treating can be exhausting.

The next day we got some cute shots of the kids in the swing.


 The big kids, too. 
Ivy kills me in that picture. She's nuts.