Monday, November 20, 2006

Deck the Halls . . . and the living room . . . and the pets.

Aside from taking down the Christmas decorations, the biggest project my family has is to put them up. Definitely the star of the show is the 12-foot "damn" tree, as my dad so affectionately calls it.

Here we have Devin, Steve and my cousin David (underneath the tree).

It took a lot of man power to put it up, as well as some acrobatics done by my brother (Don't worry, I was holding his legs. Talk about family trust!) The boys were a big help decorating it, too, as long as a football game was on in the same room. The results . . .

Hillie decided to spread some Christmas cheer on the pets. Jane (the bunny) was pretty patient, but Abby (the cat) wasn't amused at all.

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