Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Can't Explain My Joy to You

*This post may be meaningless if you've never lived in Utah.*

I have some big news. Are you ready for this?

Idaho Falls has a Cafe Rio.


Yes, quaint little Idaho Falls, Idaho. There have only been a couple other times where I've been this proud of my little hometown. (Fourth of July fireworks, attaining official "metro" status, and the opening of the GAP, just to name a few.)

I had my precious shredded chicken salad today first time in almost a year. And I didn't have to go to Utah.



Shea said...

WOW!!!! I would DIE without my Cafe Rio fix. Their salads are the best!

Being Ausmus said...

lol home sweet home:)

Andrea said... just have to go to Idaho. Not much of a trip!!! Although, I am jealous. I really really miss Cafe Rio and Mexican food in general. Eat lots of salads for me!!

Yvonne Hansen said...

I miss Cafe Rio! Lucky! And I.F has a Gap?! Wow! (notice I wrote I.F) Thats how the cool people say it! lol
Oh, the memories :)

Dani said...

JEALOUS!! We have a little place here in Illinois similar to Cafe Rio, but it's just not the same!

Sara said...

We are visiting IF right now too. We were over in the area and I couldn't believe my little eyes! What has happened to our little town? I, too, am very proud! :)

Sarah (Team Chilton) said...

Now if only Cafe Rio would get it together and open a place in California. Ahhh. (I've even emailed them from their website, maybe I need to do it more often?)