Friday, May 21, 2010

Birthday Breakfast & Boxes

Because the morning of Sophie's birthday was going to be hectic, we had her birthday breakfast the day before and opened the boxes that she got from her grandmas.

Birthday Breakfast: pretty pink waffles (per Sophie's request. . . I just added some pureed beet to the waffle batter and it didn't even change the flavor!)


When my family sends birthday gifts to one girl, it's impossible not to throw something in for the other. Ivy thought everything Sophie got was for her, too. (Which it is, really. Except for the clothes. Oh wait, she'll wear those in a couple of years, too. Yep, they share everything.)

05 - May3
When Sophie opened that little purse and saw all the lip gloss and nail polish in there, she was absolutely giddy.


Sophie got some Go Fish cards, and we can actually play a real, structured game together! Except she usually has her cards face-up in front of her. And she tells me what card she gets every time she "goes fish". And I whisper to her what to ask me for so she can complete her sets.

(Mom doesn't take advantage of her. Yet.)


Kathryn said...

Aren't grandparent gifts the best? I swear we never have to buy anything for Josie because of them. But we still do, can't resist :)

kimberlyperry said...

What a big girl-- learning how to play games with rules and all! She is so bright, and I bet will be legitimately schooling us all in a game of Go Fish in no time!

Thanks again for having such wonderful children!!

Ashley said...

My kids have that same "Go Fish" game and they love it! [the end]