Monday, June 21, 2010

Next On the Chopping Block

We've lost a lot of friends around here during the past six months, but that's how it is when you live around a bunch of students and everyone finishes school during different quarters. Most recently our next door neighbors left.


Poor Ivy has said good-bye to two little boyfriends in the last 4 months. That's more than an 18-month-old should have to deal with.


I loved seeing little Stetson wander over to our yard and knock on the door. He loved playing with the girls and they loved him, too.


These two are only two weeks apart, too, so it's been fun seeing them grow together.

(Yep, we saw that.)



I lost a good friend, too. (Good luck Wade's!) The day after they left, I was walking down the street, and I realized that all of our friends (student and not) who where here when we moved in nearly 3 years ago have since moved. We're next to go. (Theoretically. . . we have no plans yet, remember?)


Manda said...

I hated being the last of our group to leave. (The guys that started with Joe...since he was extended.) I know how you feel. Everything feels dead on the street.
And try not to worry about "where", Missy. It all happens so fast once it gets figured out. You could find a place and be gone in a month. (;

Those are some pretty cute little people pics....

Kathryn said...

Awww!! I always hated seeing people leave the ward :) We were there for 7 years. I will hate to see you guys move, too :(

Those pictures of stetson and ivy are precious!

Jessica said...

It is a funny feeling being on the block when everyone leaves. I can't believe it's your time to be done. It goes so fast when it's someone else.
It's going to all fall into place for you guys. It is tricky figuring it out since we all could basically pick wherever to live.

Marsh Mayhem said...

Have I mentioned lately how badly Naperville needs good chiropracters? And I even have a contact for you to help you find a place to live!!

Natasha Wade said...

So cute!!! Stetson see's those photos that you gave to us and say's 'Iby, Iby'. He misses his good friends... as do we.
I agree with Amanda everything will come together just when it needs to and you and Steve are doing what you should to prepare. The Lord always provides. You just have to be willing.