Saturday, March 05, 2011

According to My Kids

Scene: We had just put the girls to bed and started watching a movie.
S: (yelling from her bedroom) Hey! Are you watching a movie?
Me: Yep!
S: What movie is it?
Me: It's a boring mommy and daddy movie. Good Night!
(a few minutes later, overheard from their room)
S: When you're 29, then you can watch a boring movie, too, Ivy! (repeated with ages 19, then 12)
I: Oh!
(a few more minutes later)
S: When you have eleven-teen birthdays, then you can watch a boring movie like mommy and daddy!
I: Oh! (Her response to almost everything Sophie says to her.)

Scene: At the dinner table.
S: There's blood inside my finger.
Me: Where else do you have blood?
S: My cheeks. (poking them) That's why they're fluffy.

02 - February28

Scene: At home.
Me: Ivy, do you want to help mommy make cheesecake or color?
I: Red! (huh.)

Scene: A few days before my parents came to visit.
S: How are Grandma and Grandpa coming?
Me: They're driving.
S: In Grandpa's truck that's green like peppers? (meaning the John Deere tractor)

Scene: Sophie noticed one of our wedding photos on the fridge.
S: (pointing to the photo) Did I see that?
Me: No, you weren't there. You weren't born yet.
S: Did I live in the old house?
Me: No, you still lived with Heavenly Father and Jesus.
S: How do we get to their house?
Me: After you die, then you can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus again.
S: But die girls don't come back!
Me: Nope, but they get to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus.
(Sophie seemed satisfied.)


Scene: Driving home from the store at about 7PM.
I: I'm just a little bit asleep. (I dess a wittew bit aseep.)

Scene: Walking around the floral section of the craft store.
S: I want some of these on my married day.
Me: You want flowers at your wedding?
S: Yes!
Me: Which ones?
S: Um. . . (walks around for a minute and looks) These ones! (Picks out white hydrangeas. Nice choice. :))


Sarah Junsay said...

My kids get excited about getting older and doing boring things too. :)

Sare said...

AGGGH! I love those them love them love them, and miss them soooo much! This reminds me that I need to be better about writing the silly things my kids say. Thanks Nat :)

Jessica said...

I love that. I need to remember to write these kind of things down more often!