Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Conference Weekend

Here I go... posting about General Conference two months late.


There has been a lot going on, and with Facebook and how often I communicate with my family I don't really feel the need to "announce" things on here like I used to.

If you haven't heard (I doubt any of you fall into this category... if there are any of you left.) we're expecting baby #3 in June and we've closed on our first house TODAY. I've got the key in my pocket to prove it. I'll post some pictures of the house and such (hopefully before Christmas!). 


Back to conference...just know that real human beings weren't the only ones to enjoy the spiritual messages shared during those two days.


We had a pretty fabulous dinner that Sunday, too. We love roasted chickens. I knew Ivy was a little carnivore, but I had no idea she would pick up a drumstick and go to town on it. (She certainly didn't get that from me. *shudder*)

10 - October30


Speaking of strange eating habits, Ivy has always been the yin to Sophie's yang. Here we have our little veggie girl eating plain lettuce out of the salad bowl. 


Natasha Wade said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So a new house and baby number 3. I am so happy for you ans Steve. Your girls are so grown up looking. We miss you guys. Love the Wades.

Britty said...

What a wonderful thing, Natalie! You'll love having three. It really wasn't a bad transition and it made us feel like a bona fide family.

I'd love to get your favorite recipes for roasted chickens. I make them often, but haven't found a recipe that gives a lot of flavor. I know you can hook me up.