Thursday, February 16, 2012


I posted about Halloween in January, why not do Christmas in February?

I've also taken less than 10 photos of the kids so far this year.


So ya,... Christmas.

12 - December30

On Christmas Eve the girls made a gingerbread house. 

I know what you're thinking... that I made the gingerbread, icing, and decorations myself. Um, nope. 

Bought a kit. Best thing ever.

 12 - December29
 The kids thought so, too.


Have you ever seen a gingerbread man do a snow angel? It was a first for me, too.


Christmas was pretty laid back. The girls loved all of the gifts.

Sometimes we got dressed. 12 - December28
Most of us got dressed, though. Ivy's still working on that. By the way, that dust mop was one of the girls' favorite things to play with. Until they dropped it down the stairs and broke it.

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