Sunday, July 01, 2012

Our Summer in Photos: June & July

I finally feel like I have a handle on things. It doesn't take much for this little blog to become neglected! Here's the rundown of our summer...


We pretty much sat and looked at this all day. (Thanks for the pics, Hillie!)


We left the house a few times!

We took the girls to Boca Reservoir on the 4th of July.

P.S. Ivy's swimsuit isn't usually that baggy. She put one on that Sophie wore last summer and it was more than a size too big.

Mimi's first trip to the lake!

And then she started chunking up...

Sophie got a kick out of my sling. I haven't been a fan of that one (I like my Bjorn carrier better.) 

My attempt at getting a cute shot of the three of them.

Sophie playing with her food. In case it isn't obvious... the carrot is a person BBQ-ing. The cheese is the top of the grill and the toothpicks are cobs of corn. (Can you tell we grilled a lot of corn this summer?)

And you can make shoes out of anything.

Ivy falls asleep anywhere.


Heather said...

Love seeing the updated pics! Your girls are so cute!

Manda said...

Seriously, someone needs to get a utility patent on those shoes. I would much rather have fuzzy pipe cleaners between my toes than hard plastic. Get her something for a sole and send me a prototype!