Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day

If you think that this picture has nothing to do with Veterans Day, squint a little.

Still don't know? Here's a hint:

Happy Veterans Day!

Sidenote: The bread didn't turn out like that on purpose. I let it rise for too long, then when it baked it sorta slumped over to one side. I took one look at it and though, "Ahhh . . . the National Guard beret."


Cassia said...

Thanks for the side note. :) I was wondering how you'd done that. :)

Rebecca said...

I guess you won't be posting that bread recipe? We've been having bread woes, too. It must be the weather!

Team Chilton said...

You crack me up, Nat. Would you believe I've never reeeally made bread (banana bread doesn't count). I need bread machine advice and I keep forgetting to ask you

Natalie said...

Rebecca, that's the King Arthur whole wheat bread that I snagged from your blog a while ago. We like it so much that I make a loaf every week.

Sarah, do you have a bread machine? You really don't need one to make bread, but it does make things easier. I don't like how my machine bakes it, so I usually just make the dough in it, then let it rise and bake in my oven.

Sarah said...

First of all, You are the funnies!!! I love this post.

Secondly, I don't have a bread machine because I could never figure out how to make it taste like it didn't come out of a bread machine. I would LOVE something to mix my dough in. I die over your bread machine mixed cinnamon rolls.