Thursday, October 01, 2009

Settling In

Here we are at the beginning of October. It seems like fall came suddenly overnight (Thankfully. I hate 90-degree weather in September. What IS that?!), and Steve just started his last year of chiro school. After a week out of school, we're all back to the grind.

There have been a few things that I've needed to do lately that have finally gotten done because of certain other events happening.

For example, my kitchen floor desperately needed a mop job, the sheets needed to be changed on our bed, and the bathroom wanted to be scrubbed. Thanks to someone (um, me) dropping a mug on the floor, shattering it to bits, the floor got mopped. Thanks to little Ivy, Miss "have to relieve myself as soon as my diaper comes off", who piddled on my bed and the bathroom rug (twice in about three days), the sheets got changed and the bathroom finally sparkled. Just in time for Ivy to leave more deposits during bathtime that same night, much to Sophie's dismay.

Another catalyst happened on Saturday. My poor laptop started making funny noises, and because I had had two hard drives crash in the last two years (one of those times I lost everything on it), I frantically began updating my back up hard drive.

I'd just received the check in the mail from the contest that I won, and had pretty much decided I was going to get a digital SLR camera with some of the money. As I was transferring files over, fed up with my "frankenstein" laptop (although simultaneously grateful for a husband who knows enough to replace pieces of a laptop instead of chucking it and buying new ones all the time), my plans suddenly change.

"That's it. I'm getting a new laptop."

I mentally mull over options for a new laptop, feeling frustrated at all of the grief I've had with my old ones, and decide that I'd been burned too many times using a Microsoft OS. (Windows 7 is supposed to be decent, but that may be due to the embarrassment of Vista. "Luckily" we've been running XP this whole time.) I'd just received a big chunk of cash, and my laptop was perhaps hours from its last breath.

"What if I got a Mac?" I said to Steve.

"A Mac?" He thought it over for a few seconds and said with a curious glimmer in his eyes, "If you got a Mac, I would support you."

So I got an iMac. Tuesday morning. The transition has been great, for the most part. The biggest project will be transferring all of my recipes from OneNote to MacGourmet, but otherwise I'm a happy camper.

Ok, that's an understatement. (And absurd because I hate camping.) I'm totally, completely in love. I want to give her a name.

Welcome to our family, Ingrid.


Rebecca said...

As a OneNote convert, I'm going to miss you as our leader. :) But enjoy the Mac--W talks about how great Macs are All The Time. And I always say that I won't get a Mac until they give me a way to right click on stuff. I'm stubborn like that.

Devin said...

You bought a mac eh? I've been wanting one for a while.... Make sure you bring it up over Christmas! :)

Natalie said...

Dev, it's not a laptop, so the only way you'll see it is if you come visit me. :)

Rebecca, not being able to use OneNote was a serious issue for me. I asked the guys at the mac store about it and they said the only way I could use OneNote was to run Windows on my Mac. I sort of feel like a traitor. MacGourmet does a great job at storing recipes, but unlike OneNote, I can't use it for anything else.

Not being able to right-click annoyed me for about a day, but I think I'm over it. What bugs me more is that I can't open and close my browser tabs with the scroll button. A small price to pay, though... it's so worth it. :)

ElegantSnobbery said...

Okay, that picture is ridiculously adorable!!!

Nice to have a real reason to clean... Okay, I'm sure it needed to be done anyway (um... like my house), but I always need that extra push - aka puddle of kid pee or spilled sugar bowl on the kitchen floor :)

McKell said...

Oh, I wish my husband could be starting his last year of school, I'm jealous.

Kathryn said...

yay, Ingrid!


you will love her! Especially when you start to use iPhoto and iMovie.

Dave & Chels said...

I am so jealous. Our "home" computer crashed about a year ago so I only get computer access when Dave brings his laptop home at night. What I wouldn't give to have a computer at home during the day...
That's hilarious that Ivy does that when her diaper comes off. Hilarious because I'm not the one cleaning it, that is. :) My sheets also need to be cleaned, but I keep putting it off. And I just mopped my kitchen floor the other day. It took me about five minutes. That is one plus of having a six by three foot kitchen!

Matt Bodett said...

so you are a Mac now too, huh...well welcome over from the dark side. and once you go Mac you will never go back ;-) we love ours too, just need to name her, but i think matt would say no way!

"Her? its a Mac, its a guy" --Matt