Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure Our Pens Walk Around

. . . because we try really hard to keep them out of reach. Sophie scribbled on the wall a few weeks ago, and the other day she stood next to it and said,

"You color on wall -- Mommy's pen. Are you crazy?"

(pointing to the scribbles) "That's crazy!"

Sidenote: She meant to say, "I color on wall . . ." She's still sorting out first person. What a confusing thing for a toddler.

Unrelated photo, I know. Check out those Daisy Duke's. They're actually Ivy's shorts. She got soaked at the park last month, so I put them on her and they fit her little bum. They're 3-month shorts. And they fit both girls. They definitely didn't get that from me. (Thanks for the idea, Heather!)

1 comment:

Cynthia said...

That IS crazy! And probably not the last time either. Why is it so much cuter when it's someone else's kids defacing someone else's wall? Tee Hee!