Sunday, November 08, 2009


I failed to mention in my last post that we carved pumpkins with some good friends of ours, the Webbs. And that three of the five pumpkins in that photo down there are theirs. (The good-looking ones. Somehow I thought eyelashes would look good on a jack-o-lantern.) Some friend I am, eh? At least I got to bask in some pumpkin-carving glory for a few days.

No really, we love the Webbs. And I'm Bummed, with a big, fat, capital "B", that they're moving next month. But I'm equally happy that they get to move on with their lives and from school, and from these crazy little houses we all live in.

I'm still bummed though.

Hallie and Sophie are BFF's and it's been so fun watching them grow together. And after being pregnant with Heather last year, we've arranged Ivy and Gavin's wedding. (I hope they don't mind. They'll love it.) It's amazing how much raising (and having) your children with friends bonds you to each other. We have a lot of great friends here, and I'm equally devastated and ecstatic (for the reasons above) that we might be moving next year when Steve graduates.

Crap, I feel like crying.

Anyways . . .

I made doughnuts over the weekend. Phew, tears averted.

P.S. Heather, I posted the soup I made that night. :)


Being Ausmus said...

Sigh...always sad saying goodbye...but at least everyone has blogs so we can all be connected FOREVER!!!!! Love the black and whites with the girls...adorable!!!

Heather said...

You're good at making me cry! With the rate things are moving, we might have more time to hang out. I guess we'll see! Love the pics! Do you think I could get copies?

Sare said...

Those pictures are so cute!
I'm too busy to cry yet, but the day that I have to say goodbye the Webbs...then eventually you, I will definitely be crying (no offense to those who have already left, I just haven't cried yet when others have moved. Maybe because I wasn't a neighbor back then).