Thursday, November 05, 2009

More Halloween

I forgot I had more pics and stuff from Halloween. It turned out to be a week-long fest for us. Sophie loved it. Now when she sees jack-o-lanterns or Halloween-ish looking stuff she goes, "Hey, it's Halloween!" Did you know that Halloween has a sound, too? I didn't until Sophie told me. Clench your teeth together, scrunch your nose, then breath through your nose hard and kinda fast. According to Sophie, "that's what Halloween says."

Just to catch up real fast . . .

We carved pumpkins:

We had a little Halloween block party during which we played a silly game where you try to drop ice cream into a cone, held in someone's mouth who's lying on the ground. Oh, and you have to hold your arms straight out in front of you.

It wasn't a rule that the guys had to be on the ground. It was chivalry.

Sophie thought it was fun, too:

Then a little trick-or-treating afterwards. Steve couldn't find the bucket I got for her (ahem, in plain sight), so she used her goodie bag from the party. And filled it to the top.

It's kind of a tradition in my family to get a Halloween box from Grandma. We got one every year from my grandma and now my mom sends the girls one. Sophie loved it, and I loved it, too. Instead of sending her a box of candy, she sent things she could actually play with, like books and accessories and some toys. Sophie talks about her Halloween stuff all the time and that it was a "present from Grandma". Way better than a bunch of candy that gets put up on a shelf (which she has plenty of already). We all thought it was pretty great. Thanks, Mom! :)

Sophie had just woken up from a nap, so she was a bit groggy.


Devin said...

Too fun! Grandma (mom) sent us one too. That little spider book is awesome! Carter tries to squash it while over and over again while we try to read it to him.

Being Ausmus said...

I loved that ice cream game:) Thats definitely a do-againer:)!!!