Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello, Spring

It got up to 80 degrees here on Friday, so we ran around outside barefoot. (Jealous? Thought so.)


Ivy loves going outside. This is how you'll usually see her, walking around pointing at stuff.


This is the stuff she usually heads toward. (Wow, she's got both fingers pointing.) Our crazy neighbor feels obligated to throw birdseed all over his driveway to feed all the birds and squirrels around. Um, get a birdfeeder? Don't even get me started on him.


I watered the lawn for a bit, then Sophie commandeered the hose from me. She's definitely a wear-a-dress-everyday girl. I didn't want her to mess up her Sunday clothes so I found some sundresses at Costco. They have cute, modest ones at Target, too.


She decided the water was too cold on her feet, so she went inside and got her galoshes.


Sophie loves the hose. (What kid doesn't, though?) She'd spend all day spraying stuff if I let her. I loved this pic so much, I cropped it and made a new blog header out of it.


Ivy wanted in on the hose action. "Don't spray Ivy with the hose," I warn Sophie.

4 seconds later . . .


At least she didn't cry. She's a pretty tough cookie when it comes to sister abuse.


Cassia said...


I love the pictures - and and new blog header is so, well, spring-y! :)

James and Monica said...

OH MY GOSH!! Eighty degrees!! Can I go home yet!??!?! So jealous!! See you all soon!!!

Britty said...

The new header is awesome - great job!

Kell said...

Your kids are so cute :)

kimberlyperry said...

Cute blog header! You're so artsy :)

These girls will certainly have their share of sister stories to last their whole lives! It's really great of you to document so many of them via photos and your blog-- and of course, we love readng about them as well :)

Sarah Junsay said...

Cracking up how Ivy got sprayed! Just you wait Sophie--Ivy's gonna pounce on you one of these days!!:)