Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Santa Cruz. . . on a cold day


My brother and his wife Andrea (and little Carter) came to see us last weekend! We don't get many overnight visitors (mainly because our place is, like, 900 sq ft.), and amazingly enough it didn't feel cramped! We did lots of stuff over the weekend, but the only place I took my camera was Santa Cruz on Monday. (I get lazy. Plus it's another bag to carry around.) Once I get pics from my brother I'll post more.

When we got to Santa Cruz it was about 60 degrees. If even that. We were all bundled up for a few hours, but walked down to the beach in the afternoon anyway. That's when the sun came out. Nice timing :)

The girls love playing with Carter, who's just a couple months older than Ivy. That kid is on turbo ALL the time. He cracks me up. I love his determined running.

07 - July3



A friend of ours, Hailey (Mack for those of you who may know her) came with her little 3-month-old Behr to hang out with us for the day.


I love these legs. Maybe I'll get some chubby legs on my next kid.


Here we have Ivy's limp-bodied refusal to walk when she doesn't want to go anywhere.


Both girls ended up liking the water this time. Sophie even ran out by herself a few times.


Then she turned into a mermaid. (Her dream.)


How did that sand taste, sweetie? I bet the third handful was even better than the first.


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Rebecca said...

Emily, Sophie, and a friend in our ward all have the same pink polka-dot swimsuit from Old Navy! Very classy!