Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Trip to the Beach. . . ?

Maybe. But after week-long temps of 90+, we could go surely go back and get more sun. I'm tired of summer. Go away, please.

Since Steve's basically being a bum right now, (a bum with a lot of personal projects and paperwork, though) we do a lot of spontaneous things. Like go to the beach on a weekday.


I love this picture so much. It's so Ivy.

We took our little camera this time and Steve took some pics instead of me.

I don't know why I even bother wearing a swimsuit at the beach. I hate salt water, so I never swim. Maybe to keep cool?

I'll definitely put Half Moon Bay on the list of things I'll sorely miss when we leave. Right between Berkeley Bowl's honey roasted peanut butter and wearing flip flops in January.

(I may end up keeping that last one, though.)


Becka Dietrich said...

I love that you're in most of these pictures, Nat. And it's such a cute suit, that's why you wear it. You don't have to get in, it's all about looking good.

Missy said...

I am so jealous!!! I would love to be at the beach!! I miss California, great memories there....Your family is adorable! Enjoy having Steve, first years of practice are LONG days! Oh, the Berkely Bowl how I MISS YOU and your wonderful produce!

Sarah Junsay said...

Well look at you miss hottie! So slender you are!

We'll just miss you guys!


DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

I totally miss all of those things! Though I will always wear flip flops in January. Those days before Brett started seem so dreamy to me now. Enjoy it! I'm sure he'll do great.

Manda said...

You shut your mouth! Have you NO regard for those of us that are SUFFERING through daytime highs of 47'!?!?! Some people have to wear SOCKS and SWEATERS all day, and turn on their FIREPLACES, while you are sitting in the sun worrying about keeping the SAND OUT OF YOUR SANDWICH, and wishing away your "90 degree" temperatures - you silly silly girl.

You write things that make my throat hard, and my breath come in short gasps. No regard for others, I tell you. You just don't know what you have til it's gone. You taker-for-granted-er-you!


No, I'm happy here. I really am. Seriously, I am.

Natalie said...

Well, Manda, we're both big whiners who want what we can't have. I would gladly take turning on a fireplace (heck, even HAVING a fireplace in my big giant house) in exchange for the sand in my sandwich. You missed out on the 90 degrees, though. That left a week or so ago, but there was a decent 70 today that you could have taken.

I would love to roll around in some snow right now.