Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend with the Grand's

My parents decided to celebrate my dad's birthday out here with us this year! The weekend went by way too fast.

It's kind of a tradition in my family for the kids to get a Halloween box from Grandma. We got ours as kids and now my kids are getting theirs from my mom.

These glasses were pretty popular...

We went to the Perry Farm's pumpkin patch. (One of the few around here who don't have those annoying bouncy houses.) And of course, we had to get a photo in front of the entrance.


We tried to get everyone smiling at the same time.


Or smiling period.

10 - October21

Ivy didn't crack a smile until she started climbing on a giant pyramid made of straw bales. I think she's going to be our mountain-climbing-extreme-sports child. She's fearless. And she likes climbing high.

10 - October19

After saying this a thousand times, "K, girls, sit close. Sophie, scoot over. Ivy, scoot over. K, look at me. Look at me! Smile! Smile! SMILE!!"


And of course, blowing out candles with grandpa. (And still no smiling for Ivy.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

10 - October23
I called that cake, "Winter at the Crater" which might not make sense to 80% of you. What does make sense is three layers of cake, malt-fudge, and toasted marshmallows. I'll get that posted to my recipe blog shortly.


Hilary said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I love the glasses photo and the cake :) And yes I am sure lots of people who read your blog will wonder what the heck the crater is haha. I haven't been up there for years! Definitely a boy place...Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

Devin said...

That looked like a lot of fun! And I want some cake....

Dave & Chels said...

Sophie has a such a cute smile in that pic with the cake - pretty girl. Creative cake, by the way. Looks like you guys had a blast!

Becka Dietrich said...

I love the picture of Steve and the girls with the big eyes. So funny!

Natasha Wade said...

Love the pictures. We went to a pumpkin patch recently too and it didn't go as picture perfect as we had hoped for.
I hope you had fun with your family. That must have been so nice to have them come. Miss you

Anonymous said...

That cake looks good and like it could be from Iowa.

Lorraine said...

Man, I want to spend winter at the crater. And eat some cake.

Ellen said...

Your Dad is so good looking and so young too.

Love you all