Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweets to Hang and Sweets to Eat

I'm not a very crafty mom, I decided. I can never think of many easy projects for the girls to do, and I hate the mess it makes. And then what do you do with all of their projects? There's only so much space to hang things. I prefer to let them help me in the kitchen and make something that won't be hanging around, cluttering the house for the next six months.

But... they love glue. And glitter. And pompoms. And creating stuff out of paper. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought I'd help them make some decorations. (Crafts that serve a purpose and won't be hanging around forever. Right up my alley.)


I didn't want to go out and buy a bunch of stuff (another peeve of mine... I have no place to store craft supplies), so I used what I had. I cut hearts for them out of white paper and let them glitter them up.


This was only the beginning. We had glitter ALL over the table, their hands, and the floor. And the couch.


 After they made the hearts sparkly, I used a round cutter and cut some circles out of scrapbook paper (I do like scrapbook paper, even though I'd rather have a cavity drilled than do another scrapbook), attached the sparkly hearts with a gold brad, then tied them to a long piece of kitchen twine with some pink ribbon.


Eh. Not bad. (It's a lot cuter in person.) The girls loved it.

Another project I did last week was a step-by-step tutorial for the Tasty Kitchen Blog. I made my grandma's pineapple pie, which I hadn't had in a LONG time. I've been craving it since Thanksgiving. The girls were good sports and kept their fingers out while I was taking photos. They even held up some props for me.


Then we had pie.


Ivy really liked the meringue.


Like, a lot. Then she at the crust. And left about half the filling on her plate. Silly girl.


Jodi said...

So, I just got done reading your post at Tasty Kitchen. All I can say is I need to stop reading food blogs at 10:00 pm. This pie looks divine. I kinda brushed it off at first cuz, ya know-the thinking about the pineapple rings thing-but after you described it as a pineapple version of lemon meringue I was totally hooked. I must make this! Now, it is 10 pm and instead of going to bed, I want to make pie! Haha! Cute decorations by the way!

Jessica said...

Check you out being crafty and all.
I think it looks cute in the picture too, not just in person.

Sare said...

I love the heard garland...super cute. I had a friend who took her daughter's scribbled colored pages and cut them into hearts to hang on the windows. It was kinda cute.
I love your new house! JD even watched the video and said mainly comments about how adorable the girls are..then at the end he said "jealous." HA! He admitted it.

Yvonne Hansen said...

I just caught up on your blog! I love the tour :) I am so jealous of the yard and garage!!! Can't wait to get a house. We are in a two bedroom apt in L.A right now ..
so fun to see your cute girls too. they are a lot like mine. 5 and 2 1/2

kimberlyperry said...
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kimberlyperry said...

I just made the mistake of reading this adorable post and then going through your step-by-step recipe from the Tasty Kitchen blog before going to bed... Now I want pie. Looks like I just added to my plans for the weekend! :) Thanks for all your beautiful posts!!