Sunday, January 02, 2011

Roadtrip Part 8: The Snow

I think out of all of the things that I missed while living in California, it had to be snow at Christmas. We got plenty of that while we were in Idaho during Thanksgiving. Thanks to a few blizzards, we were stuck in Beaver, UT, overnight due to freeway closures (on the way up to Idaho), and spent most of Thanksgiving week at my parents house.


It kind of looked like this most of the time. [insert howling wind noises]


Those little black specks on the lawn are a family of quails that have taken up residence under my parents' deck.


The windmills are a new feature. They were put up last year and generate a lot of power.

For California.



Blizzards make really cool sunsets.

This is the end of the Roadtrip posts, but I'm seriously so backed up with photos I may be posting about Christmas during Valentine's day.

Update on the move: Reno is official and we're leaving on Wednesday. Steve starts work next week.We found a cute little house to rent in South Reno for a few months. It has a little fenced-in yard, it's just down the street from a park and a greenbelt with a giant path, plus the house has a purple door.


Sarah Junsay said...

Nat, you're awesome. I just adore you and am so thankful that you strolled into our lives. I'm going to miss your guts though. Thanks for being so RAD!!!

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

love the pretty table decor, the awesome pics of the people--you have such a flair for getting their true nature and expressions, the landscapes of pretty snow and look forward to the christmas updates! good luck in reno--now i really have an excuse to stop by...lake tahoe is on my list of places to go!

Anonymous said...

Snow! I don't get to see enough of that stuff. We got to see a very small bit one day.

Jessica said...

I miss being able to miss the snow. I see too much of it these days to miss it. It is so pretty though!

Alisha said...

These pictures are gorgeous!! I live where there is snow so I'm on the opposite end of you. I could do with a little less of the stuff. What a fun thanksgiving!! There is no better way to spend it than with family!! And Ivy's cake looks delicious!! Your girls are dolls. How did you get one that is such a blondie when you two are so dark? What a cutie!!

Andrea said...

Beautiful Photos! Did you edit those at all, or is that all natural. Pretty impressive. Reno? Wow...that's going to be different. But that's nice you'll be in between families now and have snow again at Christmas! My sister lived there for 15 years and loved it. Congrats!

Natalie said...

Andrea, I did tweak them -- just boosted the colors a smidgen. I don't have photoshop, so I don't know how to do anything fancy. :)