Thursday, December 30, 2010

Roadtrip Part 7: Thanksgiving

I just realized that I have no photos of food on this Thanksgiving post. Food's important, but not the most important thing on Thanksgiving. I'd be happy eating pizza on Thanksgiving if I could be surrounded by friends and family on a four-day weekend. Although I might have to make some stuffing because that's my favorite part of the dinner and the only time I eat it during the year.

Ya, pizza and stuffing. With pumpkin pie for dessert. Talk about a carb overload.


My mom had the tables in the basement decked out beautifully. I love having fancy dinners on pretty dishes with flowers on the table.


The kids had a ball with my grandpa (my mother's dad). He's such a goofball around the kids -- they love being silly with him.

11 - November36

Of course, the after-dinner lazy spells on the couch. (Actually we were there for a week and I'm not sure what night this was. It could have been any of them.) I don't usually take pictures of my kids' toys, but I was playing with the lens on my sister's new camera.

11 - November37

There was lots of bundling up, blizzards, snow drifts, and daytime highs of 8. It was fantastic. (More on that later.)

11 - November35

My parents have this mini pool table that's under a foot tall that the kids liked to play with. I love Carter's face in these pics.


Playing on grandma's bed.


Classic photo. Sophie's wild hair, Ivy without pants (again), and Carter with his finger up his nose. Love it.


I got this for my mom a long time ago and it hangs in her kitchen. So true. Thanks for a great Thanksgiving week mom and dad!

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You had me at pumpkin pie and pizza.