Friday, December 10, 2010

Roadtrip Part 4: Hanging in Anaheim


We found a hotel in Anaheim that was pretty nice and a kitchenette, which we wanted because we stayed there for about a week. They were having a special where you buy a night and get a night free, so we got 6 nights for the price of 3. Not bad. And our little "hacienda" looked like it came straight out of old Mexico. In a good way.

11 - November24

Steve had appointments set up to meet with doctors all over the LA area. Most days he took the car and we hung out in our little room.

11 - November25

The girls liked the balcony a lot. We started to get a little batty toward the end, so we found a park to go to one morning that Steve was free.

11 - November23

It was probably the strangest looking park I've ever been to. It had a massive concrete bridge/pathway that stretched the length of the park. And the outside of the park looked like a gravel pit (only it was solid concrete, not a pile of gravel). We decided it would be the perfect park to play hide and seek in.


After being in LA for a week, we decided that, although the weather is nice, the traffic is horrible and we wouldn't want to have to deal with commuting through it.

11 - November22
Next Stop: Vegas :)

To be continued. . .


Beck Family said...

I think that is the hotel we stayed at the last time we went. Is it the Lemon something hotel? I loved the decor and how nice and quaint it was. One week in a hotel gets old fast!!!

Britty said...

Oh my goodness, what are the odds? All THREE of us stayed at Hotel Peppertree when we went to Disneyland? It was a quaint hotel, but the ants that were crawling all over our hotel were not so great. :)

Natalie said...

How funny!

Oh yeah, there were a few ants wandering around the bathroom, but I think living here and fighting them on a regular basis has desensitized me. I even wondered if we'd brought them with us to the hotel! Ew.