Friday, December 17, 2010

Roadtrip Part 5: Vegas

Back to our lovely little roadtrip. . .

Our next stop was Vegas. Steve wanted to check out an office there and our good friends, the Webbs, were nice enough to let us crash at their place for the weekend. We've missed them a lot since they graduated a year ago and moved from our little neighborhood.

11 - November38

We all picked up right where we left off. Heather and I spent the weekend chatting about everything, and Sophie and Hallie played together like they'd never been separated. Hallie had a box of dress up clothes and Sophie was decked out with a dress, wings, crown, wand, and sparkly shoes at every waking hour we were at their home.

11 - November26

Ivy and Gavin were older now and played right along with them. I'm pretty sure none of us encourages cross-dressing, but can you blame little Gavin who spent the weekend with three little girls?


We headed out to the strip one evening and found a few things that were free and family-friendly. (Yes, even on the strip.)

11 - November27

After looking at the lion exhibit at the MGM, we went to the M&M store.


And the Coke store.


Running into Hello Kitty was a highlight.


11 - November28

After leaving Vegas, we headed to Salt Lake, but got stuck overnight in Beaver, UT, because of weather conditions and freeway closures. Notice there aren't any photos of our stay in Beaver? Ya, that's how memorable it was.

After a brief two-hours at my grandparent's house in Sandy the next day, we decided to go right on up to Idaho. Good thing because there was a nasty blizzard the next day.

To be continued. . .


Sarah Junsay said...

Oh my goodness...Gavin! That's a keeper. And he looks so pretty too! :)

Alisha said...

You haven't lived until you experience Vegas. Just once is all it takes. We went on our honeymoon to St. George and I made Josh take me to Vegas for a day and he was not happy about it. There are some fun things mixed in with the bad. You really did have an adventourus trip with all the fun places you got to see!!