Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Roadtrip Part 3: Disneyland


Ah, Disneyland. The only place a person would spend over $200 to stand in line most of the day. I have to admit -- I'm not a huge fan of Disneyland. I've only been twice, but both times were at a busy time of year. I'm willing to give it another chance, though, on the off-season. What I really don't understand is why couples go there by themselves without kids? If Steve and I were going somewhere by ourselves, Disneyland wouldn't even make the list. (Unless it was free somehow.)

That being said, we still had a pretty good time. The girls loved it.


This is my favorite photo from the day. And only partially because Steve has a nice-looking tush. To me, this photo says, "Daddy of girls." Ariel was carried all around the park that day and sometimes she got in the way. She fits very nicely in back pockets.

11 - November13

Our first stop was this princess fantasy-land place where some generic princesses (and princes) taught a bunch of little girls how to curtsy, and dance a little.


And then all of their dreams came true -- the reason why they were excited to come. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White came out.

11 - November14

They came out on the stage and dance around, did a little maypole thing with all the little girls, then left. I was so excited for the girls!

Sophie suddenly bursts into tears. I couldn't imagine why she would be upset. She says, "I wanted to give Sleeping Beauty a hug!" My heart almost broke for her. Unfortunately Aurora didn't make anymore appearances in the park, but we did get to meet three other favorites . . .

11 - November16

Ariel was my favorite. She spoke in a high-pitched "princess voice" and was so sweet with the girls. I'm really glad Ariel was there because Sophie had been talking for weeks about wanting to show Ariel her Ariel doll.

Ariel commented on the teacup on Ivy's shirt and told them that she loved going to Minnie's house for tea because she always made her seaweed tea. Because Minnie knows it's her favorite. Where do they come up with this stuff?

11 - November17

Belle was also really sweet. Jasmine, eh . . . looked like she was trying really hard to have a good time, but you could tell she was having a rough day or something. And she could have shown a little less cleavage, I think.

Oh, and Ivy really acted excited up until she saw the princesses. Then she pulled her poker face while we were snapping pictures. Stinker.


We didn't want to lug a stroller around all day, so the girls often ended up on our shoulders. I like that we're getting past the baby stuff. (And it makes it harder to want to get back into it. . . )


We went to meet the big cheese himself.


At least she didn't cry.

11 - November18

The girls really wanted to sit in Mickey's car. Oh, and Minnie left soon after we got to her house.

11 - November15

Ivy decided our next route.

11 - November19

Taking a break in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle -- starting to get a little loopy and tired.


Mom, trying really hard to love Disneyland.

11 - November39

Tinkerbell was Ivy's favorite. She pulled her poker face until we asked the girls, "What does Ariel say?" Then they started singing, "ah - Ah - AH, Ah - AH - AH!" When we turned to leave, Ivy walked back over to Tinkerbell with her arms outstretched because she wanted a hug. She didn't do that with anyone else.


What the heck am I doing?

11 - November20


11 - November21

I finally got some of Ivy smiling while Aunt Kimi was playing wither. I think she was getting sleepy. Because in just a couple of hours she ended up like this. . .


Conked out in front of her burger at the Rainforest Cafe. Poor thing.


She woke up in time to have a bite of "THE VOLCANO". Brownie-ice-cream-caramel-whipped-cream heaven. With a sparkler on top.



The night ended with the lighting of Sleeping Beauty's castle (complete with LED icicle lights) and some fireworks.


(Kind of reminded me of outer space photos.)

To be continued. . .


Beck Family said...

Too bad you couldn't enjoy Disneyland more. The first time Ry and I took our boys there we had a blast. There is something magical about watching your kids eyes light up and enjoying something so much like kids enjoy Disneyland. I think you have to really find the kid in yourself and look at it thru their eyes. And next time you go be sure to go in the off times - I hear that it is AWESOME!!!

Sarah Junsay said...

I love that you don't love Disneyland! And that you'll lay on the dirty ground to get a good picture. Crazy girl. Oh and love how Ivy can just sleep at the table while eating!

Jodi said...

I'm not a huge fan of Disneyland either. I've been once-I was in college at that time- and had fun. I'm not crying about not going back soon, although my kids are begging for us to take them. (I'd like them to be a little older, though.)

Dave & Chels said...

FUN. I went to disney world when I was 18 and it was amazing. I think that is one place I have no desire to go to at this stage of our lives because of the ages of our kids. But I might have a different opinion if I lived in CA or FL. Great pic of you with Ivy on your shoulders - you look fantastic! And I TOTALLY hear you about 'making it harder to not to get back into it.' I just don't feel like thinking about that riht now.

Jessica said...

I'm not a big fan of Disneyland either. I'm glad there is someone else out there. I used to live close as a kid and just remember standing in lines. Though mom my did make us wear pretty awesome fanny packs that we thought were cool at the time.
It is so true that it makes it harder to get back into the baby stuff. I think we might have to keep trudging thought it, straight into it just for that reason. Or else I might just have two...

Kell said...

i always thought jasmine was kind of a hussy... lol. i'll keeep it in mind to go in the off season, i'm not a fan of lines either and i definitely don't want to pay to stand in line!

Manda said...

Well look at you Miss Skinny! You look great! Very professional looking laying on the ground too- anything for a good picture, eh? Which one were you taking, BTW?

My husband happens to be overjoyed by the mere mention of Disneyland. I grew up in L.A. and my Grandma took us for every family birthday and holiday. With 11 kids - it was too much Disneyland. I learned all the shortcuts and secrets - but can't use them now. The first time (and even the last time) I went with Joe and the kids, I tried getting a headstart to the car during the Fantasmic light show, and Joe looked SO dissapointed to have to miss it that we stayed and tiptoed through the crowd for an hour to our car afterward. :-/

I have a friend that goes to DL a few times a year without her kids - crazy. And a bit immature, IMO. :SHRUG:

Natalie said...

Amanda - Thanks! (I'm actually back to normal, but no one here knows me as "normal" because I had a ton of baby weight practically the whole time we were here!)

I was taking the pictures in the collage just underneath the one of me on the ground.