Saturday, December 04, 2010

Roadtrip Part 2: A Santa Monica Wedding

11 - November7

The reason why we started our trip as early as we did was to attend Adrienne's (Steve's cousin) wedding in Santa Monica (LA area). The reception center was just a few blocks from the beach and we happen to arrive at sunset. These photos do not begin to do it justice. I really just wanted to find a bench and sit until the sun finished setting.


And of course, weird lighting makes it painfully obvious that I need to learn to use my camera better. Oh well. We're all there. And we're smiling.

11 - November8

Sophie did pretty well at the wedding. She sat next to Steve's mom and compared Adrienne's wedding to Ariel's. Ivy was nuts, though. I had to take her out and walk around in the back with her. She almost fell asleep in my arms. And then it was over.

11 - November12

I loved this chandelier hanging from a tree out in the front. Adrienne and Ben had a black and white (with a little red) wedding. I don't know if there was an official name for the style, but I got the feeling it was "old Hollywood" with her vintage-looking jewelry, hairpieces, and feathery centerpieces. I loved it.

11 - November11

Unfortunately I never got a picture of the groom. (Sorry Ben... we really do love ya!) Instead of throwing her bouquet, Adrienne gave it to her mom. It was a sweet moment. And a sweet bouquet. I love the feathers.

11 - November9

Once Sophie found the dessert table (in a separate room attached to the dinner room), she gave it a good inspection. Speaking of dinner... the food was pretty good. Especially the appetizers. I've never had baked brie in a pastry before. I could eat an entire batch of it myself.

11 - November10

Sophie also went around and blew out as many candles as she could find. In the beginning, one of the women who worked at the reception center came along behind her and relighted them. Sophie kept blowing them out, and I think she gave up.


Sophie told me later that she wants to get married when she's big. And she wants a big white princess dress.

To be continued. . .


Andrea said...

I love that chandelier too. Very cool. Vintage is very in right now. My brother just got married with a totally vintage them. I haven't posted about that, but I should because the decor was so well done. Where are you moving too????

James and Monica said...

Beautiful chandelier! Looks like a lot of fun. You got some good pictures.
We missed you and Ivy tonight. But it's nice to have you guys in town, just to leave again. :(

Alisha said...

What a neat wedding!! Your girls are darling Natalie and that sunset was beautiful!!!