Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baking (and the mysterious disappearing cookies)

02 - February19

The week before Valentine's Day the girls helped me make homemade graham crackers which we made into Nutella S'mores. (My new favorite treat!)

02 - February20

I'd promised them a while ago that we'd decorate cookies for Valentine's Day. Since I had extra graham cracker dough in the fridge, we made the cookies out of that.


As we started to frost them, I noticed that even though we were halfway done, none of the decorated cookies ended up on the plate.


I wonder where they went?


Sare said...

I'm so terrible about checking your blog now that it is private. Bad bad me! I should check it everyday, right? I love the pics of the girls, especially that you've got Ivy's hair in piggies, and that she is wearing the ("if I only had a girl") cute yellow shirt. I love that shirt, and I am so glad that someone I love can wear it.

Becka Dietrich said...

Ivy is so darling with those itty bitty pig tails. I love that you cook with your girls, I wish my mom did more of that when I was little, I think i'd enjoy it more now. You're a great example to me.

Kell said...

your pics are so adorable! reading the post below about bare bum potty training, i'm so with you. i tried potty training evelyn with putting big girl underwear on her but she didn't care, she just kept going whereever. either she isn't ready or who knows!

Anonymous said...

Cooking with my mom are some of my fondest memories as a child. Your girls will remember these days forever. My mom let me steal cookies...she pretended not to notice.

Jessica said...

Watching them sneak cookies kills me. I secretly love it! Your pictures are so good!