Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello, Snow

Our family has experienced quite a climate change since we moved to Reno. Neither of the kids had ever lived in a snowy place, only seeing snow in Idaho during a couple of Christmases. It's been hard getting them to bundle up -- Ivy especially. She turned into a limp, screaming noodle when I tried to put a heavy coat or boots on her. Things have gotten better, though.

02 - February27

A couple of weeks ago it snowed for the first time since we moved here and Sophie, immediately upon waking, wanted to go out in it. (Those were the anti-puffy coat days, thus the unzipped hoodie. She was only out for a few minutes.) She still had her "just woken up" face, too. Ivy wasn't interested.


Later that day she went back out (with a real coat) and I helped her make her first snowman. The snow was really dry and there wasn't a whole lot, so this little guys was the best we could do. Ivy still wasn't interested.


Until a few days later when it DUMPED. Nice, moist, sticky snow made the perfect snowman. She wanted to show my parents (who came to visit over President's Day weekend -- I'm lame and have no pics), but he fell over later that afternoon as the wind picked up and it snowed some more.

Too bad. He was pretty cute.

(Ivy still wasn't interested. She hasn't been out to play in the snow once and today was only the second time she put on her boots without a fight. Maybe she's a true California girl :))

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Beckie said...

I'm with Ivy-- I hate the snow- cold -- wind and basically everything that goes along with it~ Uhg!!!