Friday, April 22, 2011


A woman in our ward is offering some free ballet classes for girls 3 and up for a few weeks, so I thought we'd throw Sophie in to see if she'd like it.

I figured she would, since she dances around the house all day.

04 - April16

I took ballet for almost a year when I was 8. Lessons were twice a week and with piano lessons, too, I felt a little too busy. Playing with your friends is a huge priority when your 8. I wish I would have stuck with it because then maybe I'd have ballet legs and better posture. 

Anyway, I remember telling Grandpa Phillips that I quit ballet and he said that I shouldn't have because girls needed to learn how to be graceful.

Huh. I could definitely use some grace. I've been told I look like a ballet dancer when I bowl. But not when I dance. Or walk. Or accidentally drop things on the floor. Or cut myself.

04 - April17

Sophie's learning how to be graceful, too. I love watching her in class. Especially "skipping" (which is an awkward combination of running and jumping) across the room with her tongue hanging out.

She seems to like it, and I hope she wants to continue doing it down the road. 


Or she may end up like her mother.

(That last photo is my all-time favorite photo of her. It cracks me up every time I look at it.)


Jodi said...

This is Hannah's 2nd year of dance and she loves it! My friend teaches the class and they do 30 min of dance and 30 min of gymnastics. Hannah had the worst balance but it is getting so much better! I'm glad she is doing it and wish I had taken dance as a youngster.

Sarah Junsay said...

I was just like you and ended up quitting dance and playing soccer then basketball then volleyball. Yeah, I'm a tomboy. I dont even know how to properly put on makeup!!

And that last picture, hands down the best picture ever! :) So classic Natalie!

Ashleey Rayback said...

I took ballet when I was young--like six or so. The ballet teacher took my mom aside and told her that ballet wasn't really my thing and that I would be more suited toward clogging. So there ya go. You could always try clogging. I loved it, by the way. :)

Chelsea said...

She's really cute in her little ballet outfit, too!

I like what your Grandpa Phillips says about grace. I'll have to remember that when I have kids.