Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Up.

I feel bad for this semi-neglected blog and it's lack of a springy color palette. I do have things to share. Things that are so interesting you'll be gasping that I haven't shared them with you weeks ago.

04 - April14

Like how the girls always wear hooded towels. So much for any attempt at hairstyling. They pretend its their hair. Thank you, Rapunzel.


Or how we hang out in the backyard in our pajamas. And how blankets become strapless gowns. *sigh*


Speaking of backyards. I'm glad we have one. Especially on days where Ivy's taste in clothes becomes more eccentric.

04 - April20

Sophie's her same, playful, silly, fiercely independent self.

04 - April21

See how her hair is straight and smooth in the front? The result of taking a bath and wearing a hooded towel for the next six hours. Not so bad, I guess.

04 - April15

Speaking of hairstyles, we've been using this blog to get ideas. (I'm growing weary of "Belle at the beginning" hair. Ugh.)The girl on the blog who models the hair has long, thick, straight hair. So when I attempt to do styles on Sophie's short, thin, curly hair, it looks a little different. Still cute, though.

04 - April19

One day they commandeered my Food Network magazine and sat on the couch together to browse. I promise I didn't set up these pictures.


This was the cover recipe, and the reason Ivy picked up the magazine in the first place. She loves pancakes. Like ask-for-them-at-every-meal love.


James and Monica said...

About time for an update. :D We miss you Perrys!!
What a lovely backyard. Someday.
The girls are looking so big and so cute!!

Jodi said...

I wish it was warm enough here to sit out in the backyard in our pajamas. (And our backyard isn't even that private!) Hannah is none too thrilled to let me do her hair these days. I'll have to check out that blog.