Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip to Utah

Well, technically we went to Idaho, too, but I didn't pull my camera out until the second leg of our trip. I'm horrible! We had a great time with my family, despite it raining every day for the 3rd year in a row. It's become kind of a joke.

The girls and I (Steve stayed in Reno and worked. Bummer.) made it down to Utah for a few days before heading back to Reno.

2011-06-11 15.16.17

We spent a lot of quality time together. Ivy gave Carter some yoga lessons.


We tried to get a shot of the girls before church.


Anyone with a 1-year-old knows how hard it is to get them to stay in one place when they finally start walking and have more freedom.


Lydia had things to attend to.


Appointments to keep.


No time for cousin pics.


Fortunately, posing for pictures is one of the few things I can get both of my girls to do simultaneously.

Ah-ha! Great-Grandmas are really smart. We finally got all three of them in one picture. All smiling, too!


A-a-a-nd, one of us. Minus Dad.


Off to church!


After church, Uncle Devin reads to Lydia and Sophie.


Nice, Soph.


Sophie is sitting on the bed that my sister used to sleep on when we would visit as kids. My bed was on the other side of the room. I think they'll always be there!


Dad missed us while we were gone. Luckily we made it back by Father's Day!

I just remembered that I said something about an interview with Sophie. I'll have to pull that out and post it. 

Honestly, I forgot about it... this past month has been crazy. Did I tell you I catered a wedding open house 3 days before we left for our trip? It was fun, but seriously, what was I thinking? Then we had house guests the day after we came home (glad you came Beadles!), and two days after that I taught a pizza making class to some girls in our ward. Sundays are never a day of rest anymore, either. I kind of crashed on Monday and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and eat cookies.

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Jessica said...

Oh, you're girls are so cute. And I have that shirt that you have on. Except that it doesn't come close to fitting me right now. Ha!