Saturday, July 16, 2011

A lot of singing, egg cracking, and more singing. And an interview with Sophie.

I loaded these, but never posted them. I'm pretty sure they were all filmed in May.

The first one shows just how long Sophie can keep singing. She'd been singing for about 5 minutes straight before I started the clip. She's nuts. I can't wait to show this to her in about 10 years.

The next one is the girls cracking eggs. And then some singing time at the dinner table. (Know what a zu-kiwi is? Watch and find out. :))

This one is the interview I did with Sophie for her 4th birthday. I think Ivy was more willing to chat than Sophie was. And louder.


Hilary said...

Jeez finally....I have been checking back because I don't know when you update for the past month! It's not like you've been busy or anything ;).
Love hearing Ivy talk...I can't exactly understand half the stuff she says, but it's so cute!

Kathryn said...

Wow! Watch out, American Idol! Sophie is destined to be a great singer! And Ivy's hair looks so blonde! crazy.

cute vids, Natalie :) Can't wait to see you guys next week :D

Sarah Junsay said...

I love how Ivy licked her hands after she cracked the eggs....yummy! Such cute videos!

Jodi said...

Cute interview with your girls. I like that idea...something they can look back on when they are older. I just might steal the idea! :)

Sare said...

"and I don't like mean tigers" I loves these Natalie!!! I need to do more interviews with my boys.