Saturday, September 17, 2011


As I was going through photos that I wanted to post here (Ahem... a lot of them.) I realized I never posted photos from my Aunt Ellen's funeral. I wrote a post about it on my other blog along with some thoughts I'd been having over the summer, so if you want to read about it, click here.

Ellen Funeral 7.8.11 009

Ellen Funeral 7.8.11 018

At first I thought having a family picture taken right after the graveside service wasn't the ideal situation, but maybe it is. It was a poignant reminder that families do exist beyond the grave. The feeling of peace was incredible.

Ellen Funeral 7.8.11 046
Me and my roomies. Uncle Paul (R), and my dad (L), who, if he was wearing black, would be a pretty snappy secret service agent.

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