Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot August Nights


Every year in August there's this thing called "Hot August Nights" that happens to Reno. Everyone pulls their classic cars out of their garage, parks it in the parking lot of one of the big casino hotels and thousands of people walk around, oogling all of them. 

A girl Steve works with has a 1934 Chevy (well it's actually her husband's car). They invited us to cruise with them during one of the nights.


Pretty rad, eh? Most of the interior was original, as well as the engine. It only goes up to 35 mph, so we drove it around town for a while. No seat belts, either. Ack!

We parked it at the Grand Sierra Resort and walked around to look at the other cars.

08 - August11

I love the cute little corvette convertibles.

08 - August10

These were some of Steve's fav's.


This one was from 1911!


This one was from sometime in the 20s. Steve really liked it.

08 - August12

We got the girls to pose a few times. They liked the cars after a while, but as you can see, they were dripping with enthusiasm toward the end.




After sunset, we drove down to the main strip where they had a parade of sorts for all of the classic cars. It was so fun to experience all of this while IN one of the cars instead of just watching them go by. Ivy really liked waving to all the people. Toward the end she just stuck her hand out in a Nazi-esque salute to the people. She's funny.


We drove behind this beauty for a while...


Look familiar? :)


Here's a shot of all of us. Melissa (holding Ivy) works with Steve. Her husband is on the left, and the other guy is a friend of theirs.

The end. :)


Sarah Junsay said...

Oh my goodness...Ivy's hair in your family HILARIOUS!!!! Looks like you ran a balloon over it! I love it! Your girls are so cute!

Jodi said...

Very cool! I love old cars like that and would love to ride in one. I had a patient once that had his wife drive their 1934 ford to pick him up at the hospital because he wanted me to see it. It was so cute to see 2 people in their 80's get in and then gun the engine to show off the power of their ride. They were like teenagers! What a fun experience for you guys!