Monday, December 31, 2012

December Part 1

December started of with a smashed finger (Mine. Luckily there were no breaks. It's nice to have easy, cheap access to an x-ray machine.), yummy candles, gathering addresses, and still a lot of sunshine. I'm not sure we'll ever have a real winter in Reno.

Also, I've had the same address book for 16 years -- it was a high school graduation gift. I haven't had the guts to type them all into a program in fear of having to type and retype them if something changes and I need to switch programs. It works. :)

This girl. I swear she gets cuter and more active every day.

A couple of years ago my mom sent the girls a Christmas book that has a recording mechanism in it that allowed her to record herself reading the Christmas story to the girls. It's one of their favorites. 

I had no idea getting out of a chimney simply required smelling cookies.

And I'm not above recruiting child labor for stuffing Christmas cards.

We found this nifty little wire set up from IKEA and finally hung it! Thanks, Dad!

Mimi pulled herself up to the box of pomegranates and latched right on. I laughed for days. I still laugh whenever I see this photo.

'Tis the season. :) I did a cookie swap with a bunch of other bloggers and sent out some extra-spicy gingersnaps dipped in chocolate. I also went through a ton of butter this month and made macarons like a madwoman.

I just love this pic. Even when he's trying to be intimidating he's not. Love him. :)

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