Monday, December 31, 2012

December Part 2

Some of our Christmas traditions are putting together a gingerbread house. (Yes, I buy the kits. I'm not ready to tackle one entirely from scratch yet. At least it's not already assembled!) We also frost sugar cookies and make at least one pineapple pie. We had Steve's parents, Kimi, and her boyfriend, Steve over this year so we made two.

Ivy's a pretty good little pie making helper.

I think these are the only pics we got of the girls in their Christmas dresses. We had 9AM church and had to be there really early to practice with the choir so we took them afterward when everyone's hair was a mess. Haha.

And this little rosebud wasn't in the mood for pics.

On Christmas Eve we read the Christmas story, played Don't Eat Pete, and set out carrots and cookies for Santa and his Reindeer.

Christmas morning!

All month long we had a list running of things we were grateful for. And there's the obligatory trip to Target for Christmas clearance.

For Christmas we redecorated the girls' bedroom, moved Ivy out of the toddler bed and Mimi into the crib. A lot of moving things around and last-minute painting. It was a ton of work. But they really love it!

I love the week between Christmas and New Year's. We went out on a date and had sushi, spend New Year's Eve with the Stephenson's (and had more sushi), had a lot of movie nights and tried to finish off the rest of the Christmas goodies lying around. When you want a piece of pumpkin bread and there's no knife around, you get pretty desperate. I'm not sure who did this, but it was probably one of my children.

Happy New Year!

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