Friday, March 23, 2007


I saw this quote on my Google homepage this morning and decided that it did a good job describing my feelings towards camping:

Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong.
-- George Carlin

I don't mind taking day trips or nature walks (no, not hiking) sometimes, but why would I spend the night in a freezing tent, sleep on bumpy rocks and wake up with goo in my eyes (thank you allergies) as I wander to the nearest bush to relieve myself? If I'm "lucky", there might be a stinky, fly-infested bathroom which may or may not have toilet paper. I hate being dirty, having greasy hair and not being able to take a shower. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate nature. For pete's sake, I was a geography major, and I think the world is absolutely amazing. But I don't think I have to spend the night in the woods to fully appreciate it.

And I HAVE been camping before -- I went to Stake girls camp all 6 years. Most of which were near our Stake farm in Bone. The only permanent structures there were icky shower/bathroom things. Oh, and the lake (pond was more like it) was full of leeches. Ugh. Despite all that, I did have a good time, but I've definitely paid my camping dues.

You'll probably need an RV if you want me to go again. Wow, I'm turning into my mother. :)


Bryan said...

Wow, you and Cassia are like two peas in a pod on that one. Of course, I'm not one to talk . . . it's been nearly 10 years since my last camping trip, and I probably won't bother to buy any equipment unless (1) I'm called to serve with the Scouts, or (2) Jonathan wants to go on those annual Father/Son outings. Whichever comes first. :)

Charles Wagoner said...

My general rule is... If the specific destination out in nature requires that I spend a couple nights sleeping under the stars, then that is fine with me. Otherwise, I'm not much into camping just for the sake of camping. For example: enjoying the wilderness trail out by lake Tahoe, there is no way to fully appreciate it without seeing a few places that require a few days travel on foot to get to. Nature is freakin awsome! I just really appreciate toilet paper and clean sheets.

Cassia said...

Yep, Bryan's right. That's me, too. I love trees, I love nature--but I HATE being dirty, too hot or too cold, and I'm really pretty keen on household amenities (read: showers, toilets, beds, etc). I'm picky.

This probably means we'll both be called to do many years of YW camps in the future, right? :)