Monday, April 30, 2007


A friend of mine asked me last week if I'd started nesting yet. I'd done a little up until that point, but I had just washed baby clothes/towels/blankets and got everything organized. Nothing major. Over the weekend, however, I had a couple of episodes.

Friday I stopped and got my car washed on the way home from work and since the place I like going to lets me use the vacuums for free, I thought, "What the heck?" and vacuumed the inside as well. I had a shiny, vacuumed car, but the dash and console were still dusty, which really, really bothered me. I pulled into our parking lot, grabbed some wipes out of Steve's trunk and before I even went up to our apartment, I Armor All-ed the whole inside -- including the door jambs.

Sunday night, I went out to run a small errand and when I came home, I decided to finally do something about the smudges on the front door. I'd noticed them a hundred times, but hadn't done anything about it. I grabbed the 409 and a rag and proceeded to scrub down the entire door on both sides. (I discovered the smudges were actually splotches of paint that didn't look any better after the scrubbing.) Then I remembered the bathroom door could use a little work, so I scrubbed that, and the cabinets . . . and the washer and dryer, and the window sill. Then I noticed the shower mat was looking a little dingy, so I threw it in the washer. With the 409 still in hand, I headed for the kitchen and cleaned off all the countertops, the stove and the sink.

By then I had the words to a Primary song in my head, "Saturday is a special day. It's the day we get ready for Sunday. . . " and thought that maybe I should have waited until Monday to do my little cleaning spree. I couldn't help it though, and I headed for the fridge, cleared everything out, wiped down the whole inside and threw away all the science projects. (Steve was really sweet and cleaned those out for me :))

Have I started nesting? Um, I think so.


Cassia said...

Yay! I think nesting is definitely one of the coolest instincts ever! My house looked so nice after I was done nesting with Emma. It was so funny--I had about a week and a half of compulsive cleaning and organizing, then suddenly felt like I needed to relax, and she was born a few days later. If only we could get that urge at other times, too.... :)

Just another sign that your little one will be here soon. :)

Deep in the Heart of Texas said...

So, the other night I had a dream I was visiting your family, (random, I know) and you and Steve were there with your baby girl. I was asking about the birth, and the only thing I remember about it is that you said she was 7 lbs and 5 oz. at birth. And I remember she had a full head of light brown hair. You will have to tell me how close these predictions were when she gets here!

Elizabeth said...

Nattie -- Congratulations! It's been so much fun reading about your experiences ... isn't pregnancy such a hoot? I loved the nesting phase, Matt and I got more done in those few weeks than we had in two years! What a relief!

carla murray said...

Wow. you're moving right along!!!
go baby! or come, baby... or something.
I keep wondering about you. I thought how fun it would be to have a baby shower for you. Then I thought... baby showers aren't super fun with just two people... who else would I invite? my slc friends?
so, I let the idea go.
But I'm super glad the girls at work threw you one.
The nesting thing is funny.
I swear sometimes I experience it pms, but I don't know about the pregnancy thing.
Your blog is funny.
You're funny.
The "fun" dr. visits sound downright frightening. like "scariest thing i've ever done" frightening.
i babysat my two cute little nephews last weekend. i rocked the little one to sleep while singing a song and put him to bed. then retrieved the older one (2 yrs?) from downstairs and we read books, sang a song, said prayers, and he went to bed. it was so sweet. i thought--- i may be living this life in some years. how many years.... nobody knows.
i also went to fhe last night and we had a speaker who's the author of a new book called, "I am a Mother." She didn't marry until age 36 and so it's been just about 3 years.
Anyways, she was a news anchor with guys like peter jennings and interviewed folks like tom hanks and martha stewart and president bush. so the lifestyle has changed a bit. but when she married a divorced man with 3 kids, she quit her job to be a stay-at-home-mom and had 2 kids of her own.
she spoke about the joys and importance of motherhood.
and, i won't tell you how she said it's way harder than any newsanchor job she ever had...

anyways, you're doing it!!! already nesting. thanks for writing the blog all the time. it's fun to see how it all works. gives me this new phase of life to look forward to after my single phase is done.

but, as of now, i'm smackdab in the middle of the singlephase. meeting people, dating, going on trips, working on my career, working constantly to improve myself. yup, focused mostly on me.
it is an interesting time of life when i think about it.

anyways, not a whole lot new to report...
started working in the temple friday mornings. it's so fun. working with the 80+ year old ladies is a blast. they, in high school for WW2 have stories to tell...
it just occurred to me that this is a blog, not an email. hopefully my musings don't take up an entire page of your blog. sorry!!

good luck with the final phase of your pregnancy!!

Brynn said...

CRAZY CARLA MURRAY???!!! WHERE ARE YOU?! YOU NEVER WROTE ME BACK! And, Natash, I love the nesting story...we moved 2 weeks before joseph was born and so the nesting was put to darn-good use. Everything was put away and unpacked and then he came! I guess our bodies just know what they're doing!