Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Week 39 Appointment

I was really hoping there wouldn't be a week 39 appointment. Things still look good, though. I'm dilated to a whopping 1, and I'm "just a little thinned out, but not 100% yet", so I still don't know how effaced I am. Apparently "just a little". She said if I was a 3 by next Tuesday then she might let me schedule an induction. I don't know how I feel about that. Part of me really, really wants this to be over with, and since I hate not knowing when this is all going down, it would be nice to have a date. The more granola-esque side of me (a very small side, mind you) thinks that if she doesn't come, then she's not ready yet, and I should just let nature take its course.

Then again, I always liked my baked goods a little on the gooey side. :)


Bryan said...

Your doctor is referring to the effacement of your cervix. More information is available online and in many other hard-copy places. :)

Brynn said...

Natalie has left a new comment on your post "TWO teeth":

Oh, I know she was talking about my cervix (believe me, I've read tons of stuff, so I know what's going on.) What I meant was that I didn't know exactly how effaced I was by the comment she made.
(Natash...that was a BRYAN that posted that...ha ha...I was laughing when I read your reply, because I'm like...did I tell her what effacement meant? I don't think I did...:)

Chelsea and Ryan said...

Okay, so your last line made me actually laugh out loud. The dog is looking at me weirdly now.

You're too cute. I'm so excited for your little girl to make her appearance (let me know if you want me to help you with baby announcements!!! --do people still send those out or just email? my last 2 roommates just emailed).