Friday, July 20, 2007

First Date

We stopped in Livermore the other night to visit one of my old mission companions, Andrea. She had a baby just 3 weeks after I had Sophie so it was fun to catch up and see each other's offspring. We laid them on the floor so they could look at each other and laughed that it was their "first date". Luckily we caught most of it on video. Jakob said something to her and she turned her head around and looked the other way. Playing hard to get? Maybe. I'll have to talk to Sophie later about giving nice boys a chance :)


Beth Schellhous said...

Hey Natalie...
I was so excited to hear from you!!!! How are you? We're still in Provo for another month and then we're moving to Texas. Where are y'all? Congrats on your cutest of the cute girl! I'm so happy for you! Being a mom is awesome! I will add your blog to those that I follow!

Sar said...

Yah, tell her that. It's hard to learn, but totally worth it when you give nice guys a chance. Or, you could just betroth them. =)