Friday, July 13, 2007

Next Stop: Sacramento

Things have settled down a bit since the first three crazy days we were here. The fridge and stove seem to run great. I baked some cookies and finally felt like I was at home. Although, sitting on lawn chairs in the living room and watching episodes of Monk displayed on a monitor that sits on the floor hardly feels like home. Only another week or so to go.

We met our neighbors. I decided that it's good to meet your neighbors. It seems like a silly thing to say, but I didn't realize it took extra effort to meet the people in my neighborhood until I lived in a place where everyone on my street wasn't in my ward. Our neighbors are an older couple named Sam and Patty. They've lived here for nine years and Patti's daughter and grand-daughter live right next door. We've been over there a couple of times to ask questions about things and they even put some ice packs and breast milk in their fridge for us until we got ours. They're super nice. And they even commented a couple of times that they love the sound of a baby crying. Good thing because Sophie has been having a lot of loud but brief outbursts this week.

I guess I should mention the training since it's the reason why we came out here. :) It's been really fun! I've met some nice people. (And incidentally, the mother of one of my old roommates at Utah State is in my class. She lives in Pennsylvania. Small world.) The class is small and only has about 12 or so women. Nope, no men. And a few of the women are from out of the country (Mexico, Hungary, Ukraine, Korea and Taiwan. Only the lady from Mexico flew in from her country. The others live here.) I've learned a lot about why my Suzuki teacher did the things she did and a lot about creating an atmosphere where children can learn music like they learn language. I'll have to post a summary of things when I finish. There's so many cool things about Suzuki!

Tomorrow morning we're heading to Sacramento for the weekend. Sophie needs to meet the Perry clan and I think Steve's mom wants to show her off at her gyms. They've got her picture on all the computers there and even posted some by the cardio machines. Ha. She's famous! We're also making a trip to Ikea to get some shelves for the kitchen. Ikea's fun. I haven't been to the one in Draper yet, though. I'm giving it a few months to settle down. I still can't believe people camped out there.


Mary said...

People camped out at the Ikea in Draper? Weird. Anyway, I'm glad Cali is treating ya'll well. :)

Brynn said...

Natash, those new 2 month pictures of Sophie (and YOU) are BEAUTIFUL! What a sweet little girl! And what a hot mama! :)