Monday, July 09, 2007


We don't go to California without eating at In-N-Out. We don't even make it to California before we stop at the one in Reno. Steve's a California boy and there's some kind of uncontrollable urge that he was born with to eat there. He could eat In-N-Out multiple times a day during our vacation, but luckily he spares me. Don't get me wrong -- I love In-N-Out, but it doesn't exactly go "In-N-Out" of my hips very well.

Since it was Sophie's first trip to In-N-Out, we thought we'd document the occasion. Too bad she won't be eating anything. . . directly anyways.

Were heading into the pass between Reno and Sacramento, so I better jet before I lose my connection!


Dave & Chels said...

I am jealous that you get to eat In-N -Out whenever you feel like it for the next two years. I was totally craving that place the other day! (I probably only like it because I've never lived in an area where we had it - I'd probably get sick of it if I could have it whenever I felt like it!)

Mary said...

One day I'll make it to a place that had In-N-Ont... I'm excited for y'alls trip; I think you'll have fun. And I like that that Counter for the Harry Potter movie is freaking out now. That makes me smile. :)